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Women’s Rights Without Frontiers was founded by the lawyer Reggie Littlejohn, a renowned  expert on China’s one child policy.

It began with a mission to help young Chinese women who are being forced to abort or abandon their baby girl, by providing them with the support and resources they need to choose to carry their child to term and keep their daughter.

Subsequently Reggie became aware of the horrific treatment (or neglect) of elderly widows throughout China, hundreds of whom are committing suicide as their only way to cope.

So she has launched a second focus of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, a campaign to “Save a Widow”. Donations enable the fieldworkers in China to provide these widows with a small monthly stipend that ensures they have adequate daily food.

Here is the link to a video that paints the awfulness of the fate of the widows of China:

“Save a Widow  in China!”  

Do go to the website of Women's Right Without Frontiers, click on the "Save a Widow" button, and there you'll find links to several articles and videos that tell more about this tragic reality.  

There's also hope for destitute widows in Africa, India and South Asia, conflict areas, and through global programs. Read about the work of the fine organizations in these areas.

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