NGOs and charities Empowering Widows

Different organizations have emerged with different-but-complementary visions of creating a better future for widows. Each is motivated by their particular perspective on what is the  essential action that is needed to change the reality of widows in our world.

It would be impossible to introduce all the organizations that are championing widows, but let me take you to various areas of the world to discover the difference that some are making. [These are also found in the ebook Empowering Widows, presented in alphabetical order.]

I’ve chosen to introduce only those that are working in the regions of India, Africa, China, parts of the Middle East.

Please don't just read my introductions to these fine agencies: follow the links to their websites. The vision that you'll read there, and the stories of lives they have impacted, are truly inspiring.

complementary visions

Some of these organizations are strongly focused on ensuring that widows and their rights are included within any given country’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals agreed on by the UN in 2015.

Others are motivated by a particular faith perspective to care for widows and orphans.

Some are focused on helping widows organize themselves and advocate for change at the local and national government levels. Others are focused on making the world aware of the appalling discrimination against widows.

Some have created the wonder of microfinance, in which the poor are able to access small interest-free loans from which they actually create viable businesses. When they pay back the loan, that’s money that’s available to another poor person. Microfinance makes a big difference in the lives of people and communities.

Some work with widows to train them in marketable skills so that they can earn a decent income. Many support orphans to enable them to continue their education. Thus there is hope of breaking the cycle of poverty that the family was plunged into when the father/breadwinner died.

Many of these organizations were started by people who themselves have been personally affected by widowhood. Out of their own tragedy grew the passion to do something significant to change the lives of widows.

You'll be introduced to these and many other great organizations as you follow the links down at the bottom of the  page. Enjoy!

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In the Introduction to Empowering Widows I invite the reader to join me in discovering 258 million reasons to care about widows.

That is beyond overwhelming... but as we spend time browsing through the information about these various nonprofits we will discover hope in action - changing the life of one widow, or of thousands.

Hope and compassion need to find outlets, so after you've read about some of the featured nonprofits here  and on their websites, spend a little time with me thinking about what you could do in response to all that we have learned.

Let's find out how NGOs and nonprofits are empowering widows in:

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