The widows' champions
who empowers destitute widows?

Empowered widows all over the world are creating a new reality for themselves, their children, and sister widows.

In a world where discrimination against women is all too common, it’s perhaps no wonder that a woman-without-a-man experiences even greater discrimination.

And in countries where resources are limited and the economy is poor, it’s small wonder that a woman who is nothing but a drain on the economy is treated as a throwaway.

But change is happening. And as with any change that really creates a difference, the change is happening because the widows themselves are being empowered to do life differently.

empowered to speak

They are being empowered to speak out and expose the inhuman ways in which they are customarily treated.

They are being empowered to go to the law courts to get their rights upheld.

They are being empowered to pressure the government to enact laws that address their concerns.

They are being empowered to take their place at the table of the influencers and lawmakers.

ngos as advocates

International NGOs (non-governmental organizations: nonprofits in social and humanitarian fields) are speaking out to give the world a conscience about the plight of these 258 million women. They are advocating among the world’s governments for proper consideration and respect to be given them; and they are helping widows learn how to advocate for themselves.

wholistic support

There are organizations that focus on empowering widows to earn their own living, by providing microfinance, helping them work in cooperatives, teaching them skills that they can turn into home-based businesses, etc.  Often these organizations will go the next step, and ensure that provision is made for the education of widows’ children, since the poverty of widowhood too often results in the children being taken out of school and sent to work.

Agents of change whom I have discovered include

  • the UN Conferences on Women,
  • the publication of The World Widows Report 2015,
  • the annual celebration of International Widows Day, and
  • the work of  the many dedicated nonprofits who are gradually changing the face of widowhood. 

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NGOs and Charities dedicated to empowering widows to rebuild and thrive.

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